Involving Parents in Education

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CE Course Description

Giving parents a stronger voice and greater responsibility in children’s academic achievement is not only appealing to educators, legislators, and society as a whole, but is also a hot-button issue that is currently receiving a great deal of attention. The purpose of this course, developed using information from EdSource, is to provide a brief overview of the value and impact of parental engagement in a child’s educational development and achievement.  Using California’s substantial reform of its school funding system as an example, the report discusses the necessity of involving parents in education and summarizes research about the benefits of doing so.  How to involve parents is also addressed as well as possible strategies for assessing the impact of such involvement.

CE Course Objectives

1. Summarize what research is saying about the value and impact of parent engagement on academic achievement.

2. Discuss how parental involvement is related to school accountability measures.

3. Identify concrete steps that school professionals can take to include parents in their children’s academic development and success.

4. Describe barriers that interfere with parental engagement, and the role of principals in providing leadership to help alleviate such obstacles.

5. Outline strategies to measure the effectiveness of increased parental involvement.

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