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Video Games, Virtual Communities, and Teen Violence

School Violence

1. With the recent increase of school violence, school personnel are routinely engaging students about their online interactions and the possible areas of conflict or threats of violence in the same way they have done before for their interactions in the school hallways.

A. True

B. False


2. Which of the following is NOT a correct statement about the impact of cyberbullying and cyberthreats?

A. Cyberbullies may use their online presence to attack their victims anonymously through their avatars, or digital personas

B. Research indicates that 10-15% of middle-school students have been affected by cyberbullying

C. Cyberthreats can involve direct threats to individuals that may be simple nuisances or not intended as serious, or they may be a valid threat of physical, emotional, or social harm

D. Regardless of their intention, cyberthreats must be taken seriously in the context in which they are delivered

Why Don't Kids Report Online Threats and Behaviors?

3. A recent study of high school students found that the 'dominant attitude toward cyberbullying was _______________, raising alarms about the lack of cyberbullying prevention.'

A. Disbelief

B. Uncertainty

C. Uneasiness

D. Indifference

4. Teens most often turned to their parents or other adults when they experienced cyberbullying, and were frequently advised to take no action as not to disrupt peer relationships.

A. True

B. False

Challenges, Solutions, and Resources

5. Due to the absence of technical and legal solutions to combat online threats, awareness about and collaboration on these issues need to be at the forefront of law enforcement and school administration outreach and response efforts.

A. True

B. False

6. Each of the following accurately demonstrates how administrators and students must share a responsibility to familiarize themselves about confronting violence from online environments and digital playgrounds EXCEPT:

A. They must first understand the importance of reporting threats they see that occur in virtual worlds and online gaming environments to the appropriate authorities

B. Students must be educated and trained about the warning signs and serious nature of threatening messages, and given viable ways to notify school administrators or school resource officers

C. Each step along the way when it comes to cyberbullying, students and professionals should live by the notion that, "If You Suspect Something, Investigate It"

D. Conversations about games and behaviors should be within those games should be encouraged, as these are an essential tool for collecting intelligence about what is going on in the school community

Summary and Recommendations

7. Authorities need to teach children to report anything they see or experience that makes them uncomfortable or that concerns them and work to overcome some of the resistance and reluctance they may have to report an online crime or threat and be clear about the process and what will happen after an incident is reported.

A. True

B. False

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