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Aggression and ADHD

1. Although the etiology of aggression in ADHD is not clearly understood, aggression can be considered to be an outcome of the interaction between genetic and environmental factors.

A. True B. False

2. Which of the following is NOT considered to be one of the significant family factors influencing the occurrence of aggression in ADHD?

A. Large family size and family conflict B. The attitude of the family toward aggression or negative parenting C. A history of parental substance abuse or psychiatric problems D. Low socioeconomic status

3. When evaluating parental influence on aggression in children, debate remains if it is caused by parents' lack of interest and/or their hostile and critical attitude toward their children or whether negative parenting is instead caused by children's behavioral problems.

A. True B. False

4. Cognitive deficits play a role in the development of aggression, primarily in the auditory processing area.

A. True B. False


5. The most important finding from the study evaluating the influence of developmental and external factors on the incidence of aggression in children with ADHD was that ____________ was the most influential factor.

A. Genetics B. Environmental influences C. Cognitive deficits D. Family

6. While parents' past and present aggression is the most critical variable for predicting the aggression of children at school and at home, number of siblings and total number of people living in the home also tend to be significant factors.

A. True B. False

7. Which of the following is a true statement about the relationship between parenting and children's behavior?

A. The correlation of negative parenting and poor behavior likely depends upon the intensity of the children's behavioral problems B. Parental attitudes may have different influences on different children C. In addition to the impact of negative parenting on behavioral problems in children, it is important to also consider the influence of children's behavioral problems on parents' attitudes D. All of the above

Key Findings

8. Cognitive factors and the child's perception of acceptance or rejection by the mother are both related to aggression both at home and at school.

A. True B. False

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