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Involving Parents in Education

Executive Summary

1. According to the authors research indicates that barriers to parent involvement are multiple, and likely include each of the following EXCEPT:

A. Lack of time among working parents and negative prior experiences with schools

B. An inability of parents to help children with their homework and limited funding to support parent engagement activities

C. Lack of involvement because parents believe their children don't need or want them to interfere in school

D. Teachers and administrators connecting with parents primarily when their children misbehave, and a lack of staff training in different strategies to involve parents

2. The Schools, Family, and Community Partnerships Framework, created by John Hopkins University's Joyce Epstein, recommends involving parents by helping with parenting, communication, recruiting them as volunteers, encouraging learning at home, and:

A. Including them in decision making and collaborating with others to offer services

B. Creating initiatives that will support families in guiding their children's learning from preschool through high school

C. Focusing on efforts to engage families in developing trusting and respectful relationships

D. Embracing a philosophy of partnership and comradarie

Improve School Outcomes

3. Studies show a strong association between parent involvement with a child's education both at home and at school and student performance in school, and that engaging parents is particularly important for English learners and students from low-income families.

A. True

B. False

Parent Involvement in Low-Income Communities

4. According to Epstein's research, most teachers and administrators don't generally have a desire to involve families in school programs, probably because previous attempts have required a great deal of time and effort and have not necessarily been successful.

A. True

B. False

The "How" of Parent Involvement

5. Parental surveys have shown that while most parents feel welcome in their children's schools, they overwhelmingly listed lack of time and work schedules as the major barriers to being involved in schools.

A. True

B. False

Broader Community Organizing Initiatives

6. In addition to increased parental involvement, community efforts to enhance school environments have included creating new school facilities and smaller schools, health and safety programs, new academic programs in math and science, and:

A. Onsite behavioral health services

B. Literacy programs provided to children and families

C. Increased professional development opportunities for teachers

D. Social and cultural enrichment activities for school children

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