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Creating Solutions to Stop Youth Violence

The Role of the Family

1. Today's youth, particularly those who are part of an underrepresented group, often feel abandoned and disrespected by the greater community, and may therefore seek out unhealthy connections.

A. True

B. False

Anti-Bullying Strategies

2. Although youth violence can happen anywhere, more youth violence occurs on the way to school as opposed to on school grounds.

A. True

B. False

3. Each of the following are important for youth when practicing anti-bullying strategies EXCEPT::

A. Practice appropriate social skills and interactions toward peers

B. Participate in open lines of communication with parents, grandparents, family members, guardians, and teachers about any conflict with peers

C. Decide to be part of the "crowd"

D. Learn to respect yourself and to give respect to others

Athletes: Professional and Students

4. Historically athletes have been in a unique position to influence society, and youth continue to look up to athletes at all levels.

A. True

B. False

5. Which of the following is NOT one of the recommendations for professional athletes to use their influence in a positive way throughout their communities?

A. Support organizations that provide needed services for children living within the various communities with their time, talents and treasures

B. Contract their time at a discount for various community occasions throughout the year as a way to demonstrate commitment to the cities

C. Consider forming new foundations, holding major annual fundraising events to benefit charities of their own choosing, and providing funds and other resources for smaller events such as school and/or community events

D. Partner with the business and corporate community in carrying out anti-violence actions and support other organizations and agencies in these efforts

Education: Primary and Secondary

6. One way to help foster a positive school community is to ensure the fairness and effectiveness of suspension/expulsion policies, by making sure that discipline measures are:

A. Firm and consistent

B. Student-oriented and rational

C. Corrective and supportive

D. None of the above

Strategies to Impact Gang/ Street Group Violence

7. An effective strategy to help alleviate violence is to mandate that mentoring programs focused on addressing violent street groups incorporate community-based and/or professional skills development components for community youth and adult mentors.

A. True

B. False

Key Points When Working for Gang Peace

8. Important "Anti-Gang" messages include all but:

A. Give support and provide the resources and funding to those who want to do this work

B. Always be open-minded and persistent

C. Never give up on the youth and families that are victimized

D. Get out and be visible

Internet and Social Media/Social Networking/Cyber-Bullying

9. Although most of society utilizes social media in the way it is intended, wire tapping efforts must regularly be put into place to keep all members of the community safe from the few individuals who use this media to terrorize others.

A. True

B. False

Internet and Social Media/Social Networking/Cyber-Bullying

10. All members of society have a responsibility to keep individuals safe and free from cyber-violence, and in particular, families can put safeguards into place by:

A. Reporting any misuse of Social Communication Technology with the website creators of the offending websites

B. Developing norms for use of the social communication tools in the home and having all family members agree to use of the norms

C. "Googling" all family members to find out what exists with regard to each person's personal information or history

D. Asking government agencies to distribute internet safety information to all family members who use social communication

The Media: Impact of Rap Music on Violence

11. Members of the music industry have gained huge financial benefits from investments that amount to millions of dollars in the promotion of music influenced by the gangster, the gang, and the pimp cultures.

A. True

B. False

Teen Dating Violence Prevention

12. Teen dating violence is a serious problem for today's teenagers, and each year, approximately one in five teens report being the victim of verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual violence.

A. True

B. False

Teen Dating Violence Prevention

13. For individuals who know an abuser in a teen dating violence situation, it is a good idea according to the literature to:

A. Do not get involved; stay away and report it to police to avoid getting hurt

B. Ignore the activity or suggest counseling in a subtle way

C. Reach out even though it may be awkward, because reaching out and talking to a friend we think is being violent in their relationship is truly an act of friendship

D. Talk to the victim and work to convince him or her to leave the abuser

Youth Violence Prevention Strategies

14. Violence is a major public health issue affecting mental, physical, emotional, financial and spiritual health, so education, awareness, and prevention efforts must be key components to reducing the prevalence of violence and its devastating impact on society.

A. True

B. False

15. To reduce the violence that runs in our communities, youth must do the following:

A. Express anger in a positive way and address personal issues with help from peers, parents, teachers, coaches, and others

B. Organize and call for an immediate end to all of the violence in our communities

C. Participate in opening lines of communication between youth and adults during community forums and other activities aimed at reducing violence

D. All of these

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