Reinforcing and Responding to Classroom Behaviors

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Course Description

Experts agree that classrooms environments in which positive, proactive, and responsive behaviors are promoted allow for enhanced teaching and learning. The purpose of this course, developed using information from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs, is to address practical strategies to help teachers capitalize on instructional time and decrease disruptions throughout the day. Critical school-level and classroom-level supports are discussed as well as principles that guide the use of these methods in the classroom.

Course Objectives

1. Summarize the guiding principles that help establish fundamental norms, rules, and ethics essential to the success of effective behavioral strategies within the classroom.

2. Identify ways to design the physical classroom environment and to establish routines and expectations that support positive behavior.

3. Provide examples of strategies that can be used in elementary and secondary settings, and review empirical support for these approaches.

4. Evaluate methods to effectively supervise and monitor the classroom as well as other school settings.

5. Outline school- and classroom-level supports that are needed to optimize the fidelity and benefits of behavioral intervention implementation.

6. Discuss the use of behavior-specific praise, behavioral contracts, group contingencies, and token economies to acknowledge and endorse appropriate actions.

7. Describe how prompts, pre-corrections, and error corrections are used to respond to problematic behavior.

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