Mental Health CEUs

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57 hours

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Mediating Attention Deficits Among Students › 1.00*hours $12.00  View Course  Take Exam
Psychological and Social Issues Facing School-Aged Youth › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
How Violence and Bullying Impact Youth › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
Suicide Prevention Guide for Schools › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
Exploring Neuroeducation › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
Promoting Social and Emotional Well-being through a Whole School Approach › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
Implementing Effective Student Assistant Services › 1.00*hours $12.00  View Course  Take Exam
Fusing Trauma-Informed Practice Into School Settings › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
School Interventions to Prevent Youth Suicide › 5.00*hours $60.00  View Course  Take Exam
How Family Variables Impact Cyberbullying Perpetration and Victimization › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
Practical Solutions to Prevent Substance Misuse › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
Psychosocial Problems Facing School-Aged Youth › 6.00*hours $72.00  View Course  Take Exam
Incorporating Positive Psychology Into Schools › 1.00*hours $12.00  View Course  Take Exam
Early Education Strategies for Children Who have Experienced Trauma › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
Classifying and Mediating Attention Problems in Youth › 4.00*hours $48.00  View Course  Take Exam
Substance Abuse Prevention in Early Childhood › 3.00*hours $36.00  View Course  Take Exam
Raising Drug Free Children › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
Interventions for Childhood Conduct and Behavioral Problems › 4.00*hours $48.00  View Course  Take Exam
Surveying Professional Needs, Perspectives, and Ethics in School Counseling › 4.00*hours $48.00  View Course  Take Exam
Screening for Behavioral Health Issues in School Settings › 2.00*hours $24.00  View Course  Take Exam
Substance Abuse Among School-Aged Children › 5.00*hours $60.00  View Course  Take Exam
Violence and Bullying Among School-Aged Youth › FREE! 1.00*hours FREE  View Course  Take Exam