Technology in Education

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Course Description

Technology can be a powerful tool for transforming learning if it is used effectively.  The purpose of this course, developed using information from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology, is to provide an update of the National Education Technology Plan that strives to keep pace with the everchanging educational technology landscape.  Topics include learning through technology, teaching with technology, creating a culture and conditions for innovation and change, and how to assess for learning.  Additionally, strategies to enable access and use technology effectively are presented as well as progress made and challenges that remain.

Course Objectives

1. Describe the purpose and vision of The National Education Technology Plan (NETP).

2. Summarize strategies to engage and empower learning through technology.

3. Identify ways that technology can accelerate, amplify, and expand the impact of effective teaching practices.

4. Evaluate the role of technology-enabled assessments to support learning and teaching by communicating evidence of learning progress and providing insights to educators, families, and learners.

5. Outline the key elements of an infrastructure that promotes technology-enabled learning, teaching, and assessment.

6. Provide examples of transformations that can be enabled by the effective use of technology.

7. Discuss progress made in leveraging technology to transform learning as well as ongoing challenges.

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