Can I Get A Refund If I'm Not Satisfied?

Course Refunds

Since you don't pay for an exam until after you've had a chance to read the course material and take an exam, a refund in this situation is rare. Once a certificate is issued by our system, a refund cannot be processed unless your licensing board does not accept it. If this is the case, we will refund the cost of the course upon proof of licensing board denial.

Membership Refunds

You have 90 days from purchase or renewal of membership to cancel and get a full refund (whether or not you've used the membership). A full refund will only be issued if you have taken no courses within the 90 days. If you have, we will refund the difference between the membership cost and the cost of the courses you completed.

Credit Card Disputes

You must contact us first in the case of a credit card dispute so that we can resolve your issue. If you dispute a credit card charge with your credit card company without first contacting us to resolve, we reserve the right to charge a $20 fee to handle the dispute with your bank.

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