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This is a great site all the information was great.

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Easy to use and understand, I also liked the free course.

Mandi S, Teacher
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Encouraging Girls in Math and Science

$20.00 [5.00 Continuing Education Credit Hours]

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CEU Course Description

Although improvements have been made in this area, there is still a general perception that men do better than women in the fields of math and science. The goal of the course, Encouraging Girls in Math and Science is to provide specific and coherent evidence-based recommendations that educators can use to encourage girls in these fields of study. The course was generated using material from the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Research, and is designed to assist teachers and other school personnel as they help young females foster the development of strong beliefs about their abilities in these subjects.

CEU Course Objectives

1. Identify patterns for gender disparity in women’s and men’s math- and science-related abilities and choices, including those that occur in elementary, middle, and high school, as well as in college and occupational settings.

2. Evaluate strategies that teachers can use to strengthen girls’ beliefs regarding their abilities in math and science, including teaching them that their abilities are expandable and improvable.

3. Determine ways to provide students with feedback that focuses on strategies used during learning and encourages students to correct misunderstandings and learn from their mistakes.

4. Explore the need to expose girls and young women to female role models who have succeeded in math and science, and methods to accomplish this goal.

5. Describe how to create a classroom environment that sparks initial curiosity and fosters long-term interest in math and science, and that provides the specific spatial skills training needed to help young women improve in these areas.

6. Discuss numerous research studies and expert practices that support educators as they encourage girls in math and science.

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