Professional Development Practices that Improve Infant-Toddler Care

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Course Description

The purpose of this continuing education course is to review relevant research pertaining to the state of the infant-toddler care field and to highlight the most promising methods and approaches for enhancing caregiver interactions with young children.  Topics covered include what is known about supporting adult learning, the context of personal development (PD) in infant/toddler settings, key findings, and gaps in the review of literature. Particular attention is paid to caregivers serving infants and toddlers, those with limited education, and those in home-based and family child care (FCC) settings.

Course Desription

1. Summarize research questions that have guided the literature review about the potential benefits of personal development (PD) for caregivers serving infants and toddlers.

2. Describe what is known about supporting adult learning, the context of PD in infant/toddler settings, and gaps in existing literature.

3. Identify the PD tools, approaches, and strategies that are used in settings serving infants/toddlers.

4. Discuss how technology is used in PD efforts in settings serving infants/toddlers and caregivers’ perspectives on such use.

5. Review what is known about effective PD strategies for supporting interactions between caregivers and children and challenges and barriers to PD implementation.

6. Provide an overview of key findings and implications for the development of PD tools supporting quality infant-toddler care.

7. Evaluate professional development (PD) resources and components most pertinent to the development of new PD tools.

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