Concussion Prevention and Response

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Course Description

Concussions are serious traumatic brain injuries that can occur in any sport and can be very dangerous if not managed properly. Teachers, coaches, and other school personnel have a responsibility to students and athletes to prevent concussions and respond properly when they occur. This brief continuing education course was developed using information for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and prevention to provide facts about concussions, identify signs and symptoms, and to outline prevention and preparation strategies. Specific considerations for athletes, coaches, parents, teachers, and other school representatives are discussed as well as strategies to help the student have a smooth transition back to school after a concussion.

Course Objectives

1. Identify how to recognize signs and symptoms of concussion and the proper immediate response if a concussion is suspected.

2. Describe specific considerations for athletes, coaches, parents, teachers, and other school personnel as they strive to prevent and manage concussions.

3. Discuss strategies to promote safety and minimize the risk for concussions and other brain injuries.

4. Outline the collaborative return-to school approach after a concussion that should include school professionals, the student’s family, and the health care   professional.

5. Summarize ways in which a concussion can impact learning and may create cognitive, social, and emotional difficulties.

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