Ensuring Quality and Equity In Competency-Based Education

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Course Description

The number of schools and districts implementing competency-based education models has steadily increased over the past few years as districts have seen and acknowledged its benefits.  The purpose of this continuing education course, developed using information from the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, is to offer a resource to assist in implementing competency-based models that ensure equity and quality. The four key issues necessary for advancing competency-based education are discussed as well as strategies for implementation, and different ways to integrate the elements of a powerful competency-based system.

Course Objectives

1. Review the purpose of the K-12 public education system, while comparing a traditional education system to competency-based education.

2. Identify ways that personalized learning approaches and competency-based systems complement each other.

3. Describe the four key issues necessary for advancing competency-based education, including design principles for a high-quality system and the development of an equity framework.

4. Discuss practices that enable districts and schools to truly meet all students where they are and respond in ways that are designed for success.

5. Summarize key policy issues that are important to create the conditions in which high-quality systems of competency-based education can thrive and grow.

6. Outline actions steps necessary for successfully implementing powerful competency-based education models.

7. Provide examples of high-quality competency-based education that places equity at the center.

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