Exploring the Cost of High-Quality Early Care and Education

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CE Course Description

Growing evidence about the benefits of high quality care for young children has led to a strong commitment at the federal and state levels to improve the quality of early care and education (ECE). Along with measures of quality, measures of implementation and cost of early childhood education are needed to shed light on what it takes to achieve high quality within a program. This continuing education course summarizes the findings of a literature review conducted as part of the Assessing the Implementation and Cost of High-Quality ECE (ECE-ICHQ) project funded by the Administration for Children and Families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The project’s goal is to create a technically sound and feasible instrument that will provide consistent, systematic measures of the implementation and costs of education and care in center-based settings that serve children from birth to age five.

CE Course Objectives

1. Identify the features of high quality ECE as well the key implementation factors necessary to deliver high quality center-based ECE services.

2. Discuss the factors that directly contribute to increases or decreases in costs of providing high quality center-based ECE services.

3. Analyze the relationship between quality center-based ECE services and costs.

4. Summarize key findings and implications from the Assessing the Implementation and Cost of High-Quality ECE-ICHQ project

5. Determine how organizational and contextual factors can support or inhibit the adoption of specific programs or practices.

6. Examine lessons learned from existing research, and next steps needed to address information gaps related to the costs of providing high quality ECE.

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