Foundational Skills to Support Early Reading Understanding

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CE Course Description

Achieving high levels of literacy among young readers continues to be a challenge in the United States, and students need foundational reading and comprehension skills in order to succeed. The purpose of this course, developed using information from the U.S. Department of Education, is to outline expert, research-based recommendations for fostering foundational reading skills in early elementary education. Instructional strategies and activities are presented that will assist students with reading words, relating those words to oral language, and reading text with accuracy and fluency.

CE Course Objectives

1. Summarize methods to teach academic language skills, including the use of inferential and narrative language, and vocabulary knowledge.

2. Determine ways to help students develop awareness of the segments of sounds in speech and how they link to letters.

3. Identify how to teach students to decode words, analyze word parts, and write and recognize words.

4. Discuss strategies to ensure that students read connected text every day to support reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

5. Evaluate research findings supporting foundational reading instruction and practices.

6. Review specific examples of classroom activities that can be implemented to improve foundational reading skills and comprehension.

7. Outline potential obstacles for implementing the recommendations and probable solutions.



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