Helping Ease the Loneliness Girls Face in School

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Course Description

Although experts realize that loneliness is negatively related to good health and wellbeing, especially among girls, there is little research on factors that may ease the burdens of loneliness in the school setting. The purpose of this brief continuing education course is to examine a study that explored the relationship between girls’ self-reported loneliness and their school well-being two years later, and specifically how this is impacted by having trusted people in their lives. The course, developed using information from Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health (CAPMH), also discusses factors that impact loneliness as well as study methods and results.

Course Objectives

1. Identify what is known about the impact of loneliness on girls, including factors that may influence and reduce it.

2. Discuss how loneliness, victimization caused by bullying, and students’ perceptions of academic problems may impact wellness and happiness at school.

3. Describe study methods and procedures, including how loneliness and later school well-being were assessed.

4. Evaluate the impact of having trusted people in their lives on the relationship between girls’ perceived loneliness at school and their self-reported school well-being two years later.

5. Summarize the strengths and limitations of the study as well as future recommendations for research.

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