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Helping Learners Prepare for the GED

Course #: 02-972

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Course Description

Course Description

Working with the adult learner can be an extremely rewarding and challenging experience, and students who are preparing for the GED bring a wealth of educational and life experiences to the classroom.  The purpose of this continuing education course, developed using information from the Florida Division of Career and Adult Education, Florida Department of Education, is to provide a variety of strategies to assist the adult learner in preparation for the GED test.  Characteristics of the adult learner, the GED student and classroom, and the updated 2014 GED test are presented along with knowledge and skills required to be successful on the GED test.  In addition, instructional strategies are introduced in the areas of language arts, math, social studies, and science along with ways to integrate technology in the GED classroom and to provide accommodations when needed.

Course Objectives

1. Identify characteristics of the adult learner, the GED student, effective GED programs, and the multigenerational classroom.

2. Describe various aspects of the GED test, including its history, reasons for taking it, benefits of completing the test, as well as an overview of the updated 2014 GED.

3. Discuss knowledge and skills required for the 2014 GED test and how it is aligned with Common Core State Standards.

4. Summarize the benefits and steps needed to create a contextual learning environment in the adult education classroom.

5. Outline recommended instructional strategies to be utilized when developing and implementing a GED program, including strategies for reasoning through language arts and math.

6. Evaluate strategies to integrate social studies and science instruction into the classroom and identify social studies and science content domains/practices that are assessed on the 2014 GED.

7. Review ways to integrate technology into the GED classroom and to provide accommodations and modifications when needed.

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System Requirements

In order to view this course, you will need to be able to view a PDF document for the course material. If your device doesn't have the capability to view a PDF, you can click here to download Adobe Acrobat for free.

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