Helping School Administrators Reduce Discipline Problems and Crime

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Course Description

School administrators must collaborate with school resource officers, teaching staff, and other personnel to ensure school safety by reducing student discipline and crime problems. This brief course, developed using information from the U.S. Department of Justice, provides an overview of how the School Crime Operations Package (School COP) can assist to identify and prioritize problems related to misconduct in the school, identify strategies for helping to prevent future incidents, and determine whether these strategies are helping to address the problem. Strategies to implement School COP are presented as well as case studies demonstrating its use. Additionally, ways to customize the program and tips for enhancing its effectiveness are presented.

Course Objectives

1. Describe the use of the School COP program to help identify and address issues related to school discipline and crime.

2. Identify the four steps in the SARA model of problem-solving.

3. Review case studies that demonstrate the practical application of School COP to combat bullying and trespassing.

4. Determine ways to customize the program to meet a school’s specific needs.

5. Summarize helpful tips to most effectively implement the School COP program.

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