Learning Disabilities Update

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Course Description

Students with Learning Disabilities (LD) represent the largest category of those receiving special education services in the United States, and when these students receive the types of services, accommodations and supports they need, they can be very successful. This intermediate level continuing education course, developed using information from the National Center for Learning Disabilities, provides information about what learning disabilities are and the impact they have on the lives of children during the school-age years. Public perceptions of LD, LD in and beyond school, and emerging issues are discussed.

Course Objectives

1. Describe the prevalence and characteristics of individuals with LD, while differentiating between the various types of learning.

2. Summarize academic performance issues and school outcomes for students with learning disabilities.

3. Identify emerging issues impacting those with LD and including how to assess instructional materials, common core standards, online learning, and response to intervention.

4. Review federal laws that protect the rights of children and adults with LD.

5. Evaluate the impact of LD beyond school and across the lifespan.

6. Discuss strategies to improve the graduation rate of students with LD and reduce the drop-out rate.



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