Learning in a Digital World

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Course Description

The purpose of this course, which was developed using information from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology, is to summarize how digital learning resources and the data they produce can be used effectively to enhance educational opportunities. The application of digital technology to teaching and learning to improve outcomes and educational persistence is discussed.  In addition, recommendations to help education stakeholders implement a process of planning, creating, and choosing effective digital learning approaches are presented.

Course Objectives

1. Analyze opportunities to utilize big data in various educational contexts.

2. Discuss strategies to ensure that digital learning resources promote deeper learning.

3. Identify how adaptive learning systems can be built to support the development and implementation of customized learning strategies and content for individual learners.

4. Summarize how data from learning systems can be combined with data from other sources to support student needs and interests that affect learning outcomes.

5. Describe how the data collected by digital learning systems can be used to expand and improve both the content and process of educational assessment.

6. Evaluate methods to select appropriate learning resources and materials to achieve desired learning outcomes.

7. Review recommendations for education stakeholders to capitalize on opportunities to implement digital learning.

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