Postpartum Depression and Breastfeeding

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CE Course Description

This brief intermediate CE level course provides an overview of depression in new mothers, including how untreated maternal depression can harm both mother and baby. The course was developed using information that was used with permission from the New Hampshire Breastfeeding Task Force, who is the author and copyright holder of the material.  It outlines how breastfeeding can have a positive effect on women’s mental health and should be preserved whenever possible. In addition, assessment methods and a range of treatment options for postpartum depression that are compatible with breastfeeding are discussed.

CE Course Objectives

1.  Identify the symptoms of depression and other mood disorders in pregnant and postpartum women.

2.  Describe the causes of postpartum depression and how it may impact breastfeeding.

3.  Discuss assessment methods and treatment options for postpartum depression.

4.  Evaluate the benefits of breastfeeding, particularly with mothers who are experiencing stress or depression.

5.  Recognize the consequences of untreated postpartum depression for mothers and babies.

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