Surveying Professional Needs, Perspectives, and Ethics in School Counseling

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Course Description

Effective school counseling practice requires attention to the numerous pertinent areas, including navigating ethical decision-making, assisting young people during complex developmental stages, meeting the linguistic, cultural, and social needs of various students, and attending to personal preparation and career development.  This advanced-level continuing education course, developed using information from the Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, identifies research findings and practical applications for the school counseling profession in the areas of ethics, identity development, counselor perceptions, working with marginalized populations, and professional development.

Course Objectives

1. Explore ethical decision-making practices of school counselors and resources that are available to help navigate these situations.

2. Review an ethical dilemma case study and determine how personal values, ethical obligations, and administrative boundaries can impact actions.

3. Evaluate school counselors’ perspectives and practices as they help young people explore complex life and developmental stages.

4. Identify implications for professional school counselors in supporting the academic, social, and career development needs of diverse populations.

5. Discuss specific challenges faced by urban school counselors, including professional development and supervision needs.

6. Outline how school counselors conceptualize professional peer group membership and compensate for isolation within their work settings.

7. Summarize implications and directions for future research to guide the counseling profession.

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