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The Economic Impact of Early Childhood Education

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Course Description

Course Description

Early childhood development and education programs can greatly influence a child’s reasoning, language acquisition, and problem solving abilities and produce large benefits to children, parents, and society. This continuing education course, developed using information from the Office of The President of the United States, describes the economic returns of investmenting in childhood development and early education. Benefits that are realized immediately are discussed as well as those that are realized when children reach adulthood. Additionally, the course summarizes how programs can help individuals and society by increasing the earnings and employment of participants, improving health, reducing anti-poverty spending, and reducing crime.

Course Objectives

1. Discuss the economics of early childhood investments, and how such investments have changed over the past 50 years.

2. Describe the impact of early childhood interventions on children and parents.

3. Identify the components of successful, high-quality early childhood education programs.

4. Summarize how early childhood programs benefit government and society.

5. Review what researchers are saying about the cost-benefit analyses of preschool programs throughout the United States.

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System Requirements

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