Suspensions and Expulsions in Early Childhood Programs

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Course Description

Recent data indicate that expulsions and suspensions occur at high rates in preschool settings, and that school expulsion and suspension practices are associated with negative educational and life outcomes. This brief continuing education course, developed using information from the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Education (ED) provides an overview of procedures to raise awareness about expulsion, suspension, and other exclusionary discipline practices in early childhood settings and to provide alternatives. Specifically, strategies to create positive climates, to focus on prevention, to develop clear, appropriate, and consistent expectations and consequences for addressing disruptive student behaviors, and to ensure fairness, equity, and continuous improvement are presented.

Course Objectives

1. Determine best practices to establish preventive, disciplinary, suspension, and expulsion policies in early childhood education and to administer those policies free of bias and discrimination.

2. Describe how data can be used to monitor progress in preventing, severely limiting, and ultimately eliminating expulsion and suspension practices in early childhood settings.

3. Highlight evidence-based interventions and approaches that help prevent expulsion, suspension, and other exclusionary discipline practices.

4. Identify strategies to create positive climates and focus on prevention by promoting children’s social-emotional and behavioral health, forming strong, supportive, nurturing relationships with children, and developing strong relationships with families.

5. Review recommendations for states to develop and clearly communicate expulsion and suspension policies that comply with Federal civil rights laws, and ways to invest in staff preparation and development.

6. Identify ways to raise awareness about racial and gender disparities that exist in early childhood disciplinary practices and to prevent and correct all implicit and explicit biases.

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