Transforming Student and Learning Supports

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CE Course Description

Across the United States, external and internal barriers to learning and teaching have continued to pose some of the most pervasive and entrenched challenges to educators, particularly in chronically low performing schools. Failure to directly address these barriers ensures that too many children and youth will continue to struggle in school, and teachers will continue to divert precious instructional time to dealing with behavior and other problems that can interfere with classroom engagement for all students. This continuing education course, developed using information from the UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools, presents recommendations to create a unified, comprehensive, and equitable learning supports component to replace the existing fragmented and disorganized set of student and learning supports that exist in many schools. Additionally, transformation concerns are discussed as well as ways to escape old ideas and move forward.

CE Course Objectives

1. Discuss the need to transform the ways schools connect with homes and communities so they can work together in pursuing shared goals related to the general well-being of the young and society.

2. Identify fundamental and interrelated transformation concerns as well as ways to reframe policy and interventions for student and learning supports.

3. Describe strategies to enhance equity of opportunity for success at school and to promote classroom-based learning supports to enable learning and teaching.

4. Summarize ways to enhance home Involvement, engagement, and re-engagement in schooling, and community outreach and collaboration during the transformation process.

5. Outline the major phases and key facets of transforming student and learning supports.

6. Review steps to create well-designed and implemented leadership, coaching, and mentoring at every level of transformation.

7. Identify crises assistance and prevention tools and student and family special assistance that may be incorporated into transformation efforts.

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